We offer you a lot of homemade specialities, like home produced air-dried ham or prosciutto, sausages, salami, bacon, pickled eggplant and courgettes, wild asparagus, Istrian soup with young corn called BOBIĆI , meat dishes baked under črepnja ( different types of meat with potatoes baked in a covered metal pan on a hearth under hot coals ), seasonal food by arrangement and as our house speciality we offer you pancakes with preserved figs. 



In our extra offer we have homemade olive oil, spelt porridge, spelt flour and by prior arrangement also spelt bread, a lot of homemade distilled spirits made from cherries, figs, the jujube fruit ( locally known as žižola ), mulberry etc.



We can also offer you our homemade wine malvazija or malmsey ( white wine ) and refošk or refosco ( red wine ) made from grapes grown in our vineyards. In addition to this, we also give you the possibility of guided wine tasting of the other wines of the Slovenian Istria. 

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