Our tourist farm is located in a small village named Puče, in the heart of the Slovenian Istria. The village is well-kown for its nice people, water springs and for the very well-kown village festival named “ PUČARSKA FJERA”. The village has a big bus turning and pick up area, a lot of footpaths, cycling paths and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. And not long ago, there was the last Istrian BOŠKARIN ( the  autochthonous Istrian ox ) in the village.



The tourist farm TONIN is located at the end of the village. There is a big yard in front of the farm with mulberry trees and an almond tree. In the summer you can enjoy your meals on our terrace in the backyard, with a view of the garden, the olive plantation, the enclosure with domestic animals and a view of the nearby villages, also of the ones which are on the Croatian side.




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